About Us

Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD, MHA, Principal Investigator
Rosana Gonzalez-Colaso, PharmD, MPH, Director, PreDict Spanish Core
Carol Oladele, PhD, Director, PreDict Data Analysis Core
Tara Rizzo, MPH, Project Manager
Arian Schulze, PhD(c), Director of Communications
Teresa Sandoval-Schaefer, PhD, Research Assistant
Comfort Agaba, MD, MPH, Research Assistant
Silvia Abad Merino, PhD(c), Research Assistant
Zoe Hendrickson, BA, Junior Research Assistant
Marquita Kilgore, BS, Medical Student

Funding for PreDict is provided by the National Institutes of Health,
National Cancer Institute. The purpose of the NIH R01 is to finalize the development of PreDict and to conduct testing using a multi-state sample of hospitals. During the next four years, we will:  1) apply advanced statistical techniques to a set of candidate items after field testing them with a sample (n=6000) of patients recently discharged from hospitals; 2) finalize the item bank for PreDict; 3) develop PreDict as a hospital-level quality improvement tool; and 4) describe the relationship between hospital-level performance on PreDict items and high impact measures of hospital quality.